Little Caesars Love Kitchen Rolls Through Cadillac

The Little Caesars Love Kitchen rolled into New Hope Center’s parking lot in Cadillac and served pizza to people in need.

The love kitchen is practically a Little Caesars on wheels.

The Cadillac Little Caesars donated all the supplies to make the pizzas, and the love kitchen team made the hot and ready’s fresh in the Love Kitchen.

The owner of the Cadillac Little Caesars says about 250 slices were served.

“Everybody wants free slices of Little Caesars pizza, and who doesn’t need to eat. So I think it’s important that we feed our community, take care of our own,” said Leigh Gifford, Owner of Cadillac Little Caesars.

The Love Kitchen has served more than three million people, and they roll through different cities 365 days a year.