Inside the Kitchen at Cula Cafe in Clare

“I grew up in Clare and personally I don’t feel like we had anything like this when I was a kid,” said the owner of Cula Cafe, Ciara Seymore.

Since 2019, the restaurant has been bringing simple, seasonal and healthy food to Clare.

Ciara says a well-balanced diet is important to her.

“So that’s the reason I love being able to own something like this, you’re giving the community healthy food and noCulat only is it pretty looking, it’s good for you,” she said.

The menu offers plenty of vegan, gluten free, dairy free and keto options.

But whether it falls in one of those categories or not, customers like Terryn McDonald agree food that’s good for you can taste good too.

“It’s more flavorful than I have ever had, like you think avocado toast you think guacamole or something, nope this toast has so much flavor on it, the onions, the feta cheese, the tomatoes, it was great,” she said.

“So the Cula scramble is one of our more popular breakfasts, and you can get it in a bowl or a wrap,” Ciara said.

Cula Cafe also makes healthier substitutes for your favorites, like what they call their clean ranch.

“It just doesn’t have all the preservatives and yucky stuff in it so it’s better for you,” she described.

The Clare restaurant moved to a new location in March.

“I have a couple areas out there where I have games and puzzles, I have a mat that you can do puzzles on and books people can read,” she said.

“I feel like when you walk in here it’s your hometown cafe,” said Terryn.

The new location also means new menu items to explore.

“I am obsessed with coffee and it’s just another one of those things, I love being able to experiment with it and I drink it all the time,” she said.

Coffee or lunch, sit down or grab and go, Ciara has one simple mission.

“I just want to put a smile on everyone’s face and make them really good food, healthy food, and have this beautiful space for them to come and hang out in,” she said.

You can visit Cula Cafe at 418 N McEwan Street in Clare, or call them at 989-424-6455.

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