K9 Tezka Leaving the Kalkaska Department of Public Safety

The Kalkaska Department of Public Safety is saying goodbye to their K9 Tezka.

K9 Tezka 1Tezka’s handler resigned from the department and will be working at the Gaylord Police Department.

The Kalkaska Department of Public Safety says it is a serious liability to keep a K9 if their handler leaves because the dog is trained to react to the handler’s voice.

The department says if the handler Cole Nagy did not want to buy the dog, they had a backup plan.

But the Kalkaska village council approved the sale of Tezka to Nagy for $2,035.20.

Trustee on the Kalkaska Village council, Diana Needham, says it makes sense to allow Nagy to buy Tezka because he would no longer be used for police purposes, and the village will get some funding from the sale. Needham said she also wants what is best for Tezka and Nagy.

Kalkaska is unsure if they will get another K9 or if the Gaylord Police Department will use Tezka.

If the Gaylord Police Department decides to use Tezka, they will have to pay $3,000.