Art Exhibit Transforms Manistee Church Into Forest

West Shore Community College is extending their Humankind Series, by artist Anni Holm, until April 23rd.

Anni Holm is a Chicago-based conceptual artist. She works with photography, installation, performance, and collaborative art.

The exhibit is called, “Can’t See The Forest For The Trees” at the Old Kirke Museum. Old Kirke Museum is a historic Danish Lutheran church in Manistee. The artist transformed the museum into an artificial site. It’s inspired by local history and Danish immigration from the 19th and 20th centuries.

“The Danish-American experience is an important one,” said Eden Ünlüata-Foley, a Curator. “It’s not mentioned a lot, but it’s a really important experience and I think that it should be reflected upon. This art piece particularly does that.”

The exhibit is free to the public and open on the weekends.

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