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Republican Candidate for Michigan Governor Makes Stop in Traverse City

As the race for Michigan governor heats up, more candidates are making their rounds in Northern Michigan.

On Saturday, Republican candidate Garrett Soldano spoke to voters in Traverse City.

“Every time we come up here, you get around this great group of people, you feel the love, you feel the energy, you feel the passion, it always just feels like home,” says Soldano.

Soldano is one of the leading candidates in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Some of his campaign goals include cutting regulations and what he calls, “leading a transparent administration.”

He says with the Republican primary only a couple of months away now, he’s feeling confidant.

“It’s coming up fast and I know the next three to four months it’s going to be nonstop,” says Soldano. “But we are continuing to grow our movement, we’re drawing crowds, bigger crowds, our events are packed, the people are engaged and excited, so it’s just time to hammer down, continue to inspire and motivate what I feel is Michigan’s greatest asset—and that is the people.”

The Michigan election for governor takes place on November 8th.