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Roscommon Mobile Home Renters Still Not Getting Help from Management

Property renters at Lakeview Mobile Home Park in Prudenville say they’re still having major issues with things that need to be fixed.

9&10 first interviewed the property owners

Christine Willey has a little more water pressure than she did last week.

“I got a little bit of water now,” she said. “I can take a shower sometimes when there’s enough pressure to be able to take one.”

Willey said it’s still frustrating not knowing the cause of the water issue.

“Nobody has contacted me whatsoever,” Willey said. “I still call the manager, nobody has given us anything.”

Down the street, Rachel DiMaria and her family, who didn’t have water at all, now has water.

However, there are bigger issues she is dealing with.

“Now we have a sewage leak that is not being taken care of that started the same day the water came back on,” said DiMaria. “My husband and daughter were outside cleaning the yard, and my husband could hear it gushing under the trailer.”

There are also other issues DiMaria has called maintenance about that still have not been fixed.

“There’s holes in our floors, there’s a leak in our stove and our hood vent that’s causing the cupboard to start to collapse,” said DiMaria.

They’re both worried their water will turn back off.

“I’m trying to get my dishes straightened up and my house a little bit cleaner in case tomorrow I don’t have water,” said Willey.

They’re not sure–still–why this water issue is continuing, and no one, the property manager or the owners, has responded to their calls.

“I would like the owners to think about would they want their mother, their sister, their kids, any of their family members living the way they are making all of us live,” said DiMaria.

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