Frankfort Fire Department Swears in First Ever Full Time Fire Chief

For the first time, the city of Frankfort has a full time fire chief.

Chief Mike Cederholm, from the Frankfort Fire Department, was sworn in Thursday and brings 29 years in fire service with him. with a long list of certifications and goals for the department, he says he’s honored to serve the public in a big way.

“Serving the public is something that I’ve always believed in, even when I was a little kid and followed my father in the fire service so it’s something that is very important to me. To make sure that I do it right, to reach that person in need all hours of the day or night. To reach out and hold their hand or to comfort them in their loss and whatever it might take,” said Chief Cederholm.

Chief Cederholm says he has many goals for the department, including an emphasis on Community Outreach.