Bakeries Struggle with Rise in Prices

"The prices go up. We just can't keep raising them. We just absolutely can't." Stacey Wilcox Owner Bay Bread Company

Local bakeries are struggling after the rise of essential ingredients like eggs and flour.

Bay Bread CompanyBakeries like Potter’s and the Bay Bread Company have been forced to raise prices, cut from their menu and find creative ways to work around the price hike. The Owner of Potter’s Bakery, Bill Stoeckel, says they’re doing what they have to in order to survive.

“We don’t want to have high prices. We want this to be something that everybody can come and enjoy. And we also understand that we can’t go under every single day and still have Potter’s,” Stoeckel admits.

The Owner of Bay Bread Company, Stacey Wilcox, says the cost of flour has gone up 40 percent.

“A lot of our ingredients have doubled, tripled, almost quadrupled. Some of our ingredients we can’t even get. Some of the ingredients that we do get, we’re being told by the manufacturers we have to order a years worth of supply,” Stoeckel explains. “That creates quite a problem for us because we like to do everything fresh. We can’t have a year’s worth of supply sitting around.”

Bay Bread Owner, Stacey Wilcox says they’ve had to raise their overall prices 12 percent. Stoeckel says Potter’s has also been forced to raise their prices.

Both Potter’s and Bay Bread are not new to the adversity price hikes bring. Stoeckel is the fourth-generation-owner of Potter’s. He says he’s gotten help from the previous owner, his father-in-law, but says the recent rise is unlike anything they’ve seen.Bakery Costs Cold 6 040800 00 19 25still001

Bakeries are now forced to find creative ways to conserve.

“So, we only work four days a week, all of us, 10 hours a day. So, we don’t have a lot of extra labor. We’re able to absorb and have a smaller markup,” Wilcox says.

While Potter’s and Bay Bread continue to struggle through the price hikes, they say they’re not going anywhere.

“We’ve been through it before. We’ve been here since 1998, we’ve been through it,” Wilcox smiles.