Consumers Energy – A Force for You: Understanding Electric Vehicles

Xavier In The EvWith the price of gas, many have been looking at ways to save including electric vehicles (EV).

According to QuoteWizard, there was a 300% increase in online searches for electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles in just the March 2022.

Consumers Energy says there are several benefits to driving an EV that go beyond your wallet.

EVs boast benefits beyond those to your wallet and the environment:

  • Convenient charging while you sleep
  • Save vs gas powered vehicles by taking advantage of lower rates at night
  • Promotion of better health through reduced emissions
  • Unique safety features
  • Support for energy independence

Consumers Energy also offers the PowerMIDrive™ program to help customers with the charging equipment in their home. The program is designed to increase EV charging capability and make it easier for people to charge their vehicle. It also helps improve the grid and control rates for all their customers.

To experience what an EV is like, Consumers Energy put The four’s Xavier Hershovitz behind the wheel. Watch his experience above.
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