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Four Students at Mt. Pleasant Middle School Claim a Staff Member Assaulted Them

Some parents in Mt. Pleasant are demanding justice for their children.

On Monday, four sixth-grade students at Mt. Pleasant Middle School say they were in the gym with many other students during their lunch period.

One of the students’ Nazya Green, says she and three friends wanted to go to the office because the staff member was yelling at everyone.

When they tried to leave the gym, she said the staff member was in the doorway and would not let them.

They claim the staff member pushed two of them against the wall and smacked the other two in the face.

“You can’t put your hands on people’s children. You don’t have that authority. I don’t put my hands on my kids. So what gives you that,” said Julia Green, Nazya’s Mother. “My child’s education is so important. She shouldn’t have to worry about going to school and being hit or anything like that.”

In a letter sent to Mt. Pleasant Public School families on Wednesday, the district said our investigation in partnership with Mt. Pleasant Police Department is ongoing. And will update families and staff members once it is complete.

The school district also says the staff member who has denied the allegations has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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