Arnold Freight Ferry Rescues Passengers After Star Line Ferry Goes Adrift

The Coast Guard was called to the Straits of Mackinac after a Star Line ferry lost control of its steering.

The Huron lost steering control at around 6 p.m. Tuesday and was stranded with 144 passengers onboard. Luckily, the boat was moving with the current and wasn’t in danger of grounding.

Arnold Freight Co. arrived to help with its boat, The Senator. They docked alongside of the ferry and boarded the stranded passengers before taking them to St. Ignace.

Even though it was a dangerous situation, passengers of the downed ferry commend the community for helping them in a dire situation.

“We are a tight community that we all work together, whether we compete through business or not, we still come together when needed and help out as a tight community,” said Philip Hutchinson, a passenger of The Huron.

Arnold Line Ferry says they were very happy to help out members of the community.

The Star Line Mackinac Island Ferry runs it’s regular schedule until April 21. After that the full season will begin.