Northern Michigan Man Gives Away Free Crucifixes To Help Spread Smiles

John Jolly, also known as the cross man, lives in McBain. He has been making wooden crucifixes for around four years after turning Catholic. He said it’s all to spread kindness and make people smile.

“I thought that it was something,” said Jolly. “Something to do. I turned to Catholic Father Joe Fix, God rest his soul, what a beautiful man. He kind of got me interested in the crucifixes and stuff. So one day, I just started marking them.”

Since them, Jolly has given away hundreds of them, mostly to people who are going through hard times.

“When he’s given it away and you see the tears in people’s faces, they’re so appreciative and it’s usually very heartwarming when he is doing some of this stuff in well, God bless him,” said Charlotte Jolly, John’s wife.

Jolly has made many of the crucifixes from the trees around his McBain home. His 89-year-old neighbor even helps him cut the wood.

“I’ve had people put them in their casket and be buried with them,” he said.

Since Jolly began making them, he’s given some away away to his doctors and nurses. After being in the hospital for an extended period of time, he gave a cross to everyone who took care of him while he was sick.

“His whole theory is to put a smile on somebody’s face,” said Charlotte. “It makes his day and he has done a lot of smiles. He is Jolly John. That is him. He’s very giving.”

Jolly said he plans on making dozens more to give away once the weather gets nice, but won’t be selling them. He wants people to know it’s just a hobby he enjoys.

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