No Verdict: Deliberations Continue in Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Trial

The long wait continues as the jury in the federal trial of the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Four men are awaiting a jury decision on their fate after three weeks of testimony.Whitmer Deliberation High Oints Llpkg 6p 4 5 2200 00 58 10still001

Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox, Barry Croft and Daniel Harris all face conspiracy to kidnap charges. All but Caserta face additional related weapons charges.

A lot of evidence has been laid out in this case. A lot of questions asked. As the jury deliberates on the ultimate answer to those questions, we wanted to look back at some of the key moments in the trial.

One of the more outspoken defendants was Croft, of Delaware. Not only was he recorded telling his 12-year old daughter that he did not want a Dorito because he was building a bomb and she couldn’t be around him when he’s building explosives, he also went on a rant about wanting to kill and maim people that got in their way. When urged to clarify he was kidding, he hammered home, “I am not being hypothetical.”

Caserta was another outspoken voice in the investigation but not always at Whitmer. He posted videos calling for the lives of contact tracers and promising to kill anybody who tried to give him a mandated vaccine.

Harris cursed out the FBI informant that began the investigation and Fox spoke openly about a need to take Whitmer down.

These kind of recordings are just some of the hundreds of pieces of evidence the jury is sifting through, weighing against the word of two men who took plea deals to testify. One saying there was no entrapment and the other admitting he assumed this was a suicide mission from the start.

The jury continues to deliberate Wednesday, an 8:30 start time once again.