TC Commissioners Create Committee for New Senior Center

The need for a new Senior Center has been an issue for year. Now, it seems a new Center may be on the horizon.

Senior CenterTraverse City Commissioners voted Monday to create an ad hoc committee to give recommendations for a new Senior Center. Commissioner Ashlea Walter and Mayor Richard Lewis will be on the board. Mayor Lewis says it’s finally time to start moving forward with the Senior Center.

“Where we’re at her now about two years later, the discussion is till going on. How are we going to do this? We know something needs to happen,” Lewis says.

Preliminary designs were completed in February of 2020 and the estimated cost for the new Senior Center was just over $5.5 million. Since then a pandemic and high inflation has led to the estimated cost now sitting at $7.5 million. Mayor Lewis says if they want it to be done as soon as possible, then they need to get it done before November elections.

“This is an election year and if we’re going to have a county wide millage or whatever we’re going to do. It has to be decided by the middle of August to be on the November ballot. It has to be voted on, you can’t just impose it,” Lewis explains.Senior Center 3


Traverse City resident, Charles, comes to the Senior Center with his wife. He comes every Monday to play cribbage while his wife play Mahjong. He says the Senior Center is great, but it’s time for something new.

“I like it, but the building is old. But there’s always something going on. You can always find something to do and then there’s a view of the bay. What else could you ask for” Charles smiles.