TC Commissioners Approve Grant to Expand Fiber Network

More high-speed internet is on the way in Traverse City.

TclpTraverse City Commissioners voted Monday to accept close to $18.2 million in bonds. Traverse City Light & Power can now expand their fiber network through all of Traverse City. Controller for Traverse City Light & Power, Karla Meyers-Beman, says it’s a big decision for Traverse City.

“It’s very exciting news. It will help Traverse City Light & Power impact the climate change for the environment wile also doing economic development for the community,” Meyers-Beman says.

The money will also help with creating a city smart grid. The grid would allow for customers to track and adjust their energy consumption. This would result in stronger cyber security. TCLP’s Chief Information Tech Officer, Scott Menhart, says it will take around two years for the fiber network to be completed.

“It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been with utility for 12 years, we talked about it when I first started. Now here we are, 12 years later,” Menhart says.