Roscommon County VA, Horse Ranch to Offer Free Riding and Grooming Lessons to Local Veterans

A Roscommon County Horse Ranch is partnering with the County Veteran Affair’s office to offer free horse riding lessons to local veterans.

Horse Vets Vo6 4040From April until November, Roscommon County veterans can redeem four separate horse riding and grooming lessons with Maple Valley Ranch in St. Helen.

The certificate includes the veteran, their spouse, and two dependents to join in.

The ranch equine manager, James Bannon, says they’re looking forward to working with veterans and their families.

“This isn’t like you’re working on a motorcycle or you’re working with a truck, you’re really working with a live animal so if you act like a jerk, this thing’s going to act like a jerk right back to you,” said Bannon. “You come to an agreement with it, that’s all riding is.”

If you’re a veteran that lives in Roscommon County and would like to receive a certificate, they can be picked up at the Roscommon County Veterans Affairs office inside the Municipal building.

To schedule a session, you can reach out to James at 989-387-6339 or Natalie at 248-496-5847.

Maple Valley Ranch is located at 6260 East West Branch Road, Saint Helen, MI 48656.

All lessons must be scheduled in advance.