Old Northwood Hotel in Downtown Cadillac Redevelopment Plan

An old hotel building in Downtown Cadillac that’s been vacant for several years could soon be bustling again.

Cadi Redelvelopment 1It is formerly known as the old Northwood Hotel on Harris Street.

The developer who owns Val Vista RV Park and Heritage Broadcasting plans to turn it into a mix-used building for residential and commercial use.

If approved, some of the redevelopment will be paid for by Brownfield Incentives.

“We understand the value of continued economic growth and development. And by providing incentives as we’re able to under state law, that will help to create these projects or to help make these projects a viable reality,” said Marcus Peccia, City Manager for the City of Cadillac. “Without them, we’re not growing. We’re not developing. And that’s not a good position to be in.”

A public hearing is set for the 101 Harris Street property.

It will be on April 18th during the Cadillac City council meeting.