Evart Man Faces Drug Charges After Traffic Stop In Wexford County

Michigan State Police stopped a vehicle for equipment violation on Saturday, April 2nd around 12:30 a.m. on River St. near Mitchell in Cadillac.

One trooper noticed a black case on the floor by the driver’s feet.

They asked the driver, who is from Evart, to show them what was in the case.

The man opened the case and revealed a small glass vile of suspected methamphetamine.

When the man was asked to get out of the vehicle, a fixed blade knife fell from the sun visor onto the driver seat.

Troopers found a glass pipe and another glass vile of suspected narcotics during their investigation.

The say he also had a 9-year-old riding in the vehicle. The child was picked up by a family member.

The man was on probation out of Osceola County for operating while intoxicated. He also has a failure to appear warrant from the same county.

He’s now waiting to be formally charged in Wexford County.


04 02 22 Wexford Vial1 04 02 22 Wexford Vial2 04 02 22 Wexford Knife