Eastern U.P. Celebrates Michigan Maple Weekend In Chippewa County

“We are setting up for possibly a good year this year, ya know, but Mother Nature will decide that.”

Maple syrup production in the Eastern Upper Peninsula is a little behind schedule, but there’s there very little concern about that the sweet product will not satisfy the maple syrup lovers this season.

In Chippewa County on Saturday, the annual Michigan Maple Weekend wrapped up at Three Sugar Shacks.

Besteman’s, Postma’s and Michigan Maple Farms all offered free tours, samples and information about the industry.

Even though sap is a little behind this year, this weekend showcased how much the industry has grown.

“It’s very educational for the public to get them out here to promote the maple industry. The Michigan maple industry because of all the different products that we do make. It’s just not the maple syrup anymore,” said Mark Besteman, the co-owner of Besteman’s Sugarbush.

On top of free treats and maple glazed meat samples, there were hayrides taking people through the woods.