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Grand Traverse Co. Veterans Affairs Hosting Free Summer Concert

Veterans of northern Michigan are being treated to treated to a free concert this summer.

The Grand Traverse County Veterans Affairs announced the event Friday morning.

It’s sponsored by Grand Traverse Resort and Casinos, and will be held at Turtle Creek Stadium on June 18.

The lineup includes Creedence Revived and Amelia Airharts.

Tickets are free for veterans and family members.

“It’s to bring veterans in, get them connected to our office and other county offices around so they all get their benefits they’ve so rightly earned,” said Michael Roof, Grand Traverse County Veterans Affairs Director. “Every week we have someone that comes in and they go ‘I had no idea your office existed’ and through this event, hopefully we can get people connected that never knew it was possible.”

Tickets can be picked up by veterans at Turtle Creek and Leelanau Sands Casinos, the Grand Traverse County Veterans Affairs Office and the VA Clinic.

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