64B District Court Offering Amnesty Program

The Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office says the 64B District Court in Montcalm County is implementing an amnesty program.

According to a release by the 64B District Court, the court is offering amnesty against bench warrants to individuals who have outstanding fines and costs associated with both criminal and civil complaints.

However, this amnesty is only offered to those who have already been sentenced, have outstanding civil infractions, have outstanding fines and costs and now have bench warrants for failing to pay.

Officials say many people throughout Montcalm County have outstanding bench warrants for their arrest in the 64B District Court due to unpaid fines and costs, with more bench warrants being issued every week.

If you owe money on unpaid fines and costs and have a bench warrant for your arrest, that warrant may be lifted if you come to the court and either pay your fines or set up a payment plan.

If you owe money on unpaid fines and costs, and a warrant has not been issued for your arrest, officials say now is the time to pay before one is issued.

You can find the full release from the 64B District Court below: