‘Dan is a b—-‘: Whitmer Kidnap Plot Suspect Testifies as Defense Rests Case

The defense rests. The federal trial in the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer is set to begin closing arguments Friday morning. 

Just one of the defendants, Daniel Harris, chose to take the witness stand. The other three men, Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox and Barry Croft chose to remain silent. They are accused of planning to kidnap Governor Whitmer in 2020.Whitmer Trial Day 14 6p 3 31 2200 00 26 23still001

Coming into the day it wasn’t clear who, if any, of the defendants would take the stand in this trial. Harris decided to speak for himself.

Harris faced questions from both sides on his role, or lack thereof, in the plot to kidnap Whitmer.

“He’s a nice kid that got wrapped into this by the government,” said Josh Blanchard, attorney for Barry Croft.

Grilled during cross examination, Harris remained steadfast he never agreed to any plot. He said any talk pointing toward being a piece in the plot was out of context and it was an FBI informant, Dan Chappel, who pushed the plot along. At one point, seemingly unprompted, saying, “Dan is a bitch,” when talking about Chappel’s choice to flip to the feds.

Harris opened the door for his fellow defendants to testify but each chose to pass.

“I think Harris did a great job but I don’t think it had anything to do if Brandon was going to testify,” said Mike Hills, attorney for Brandon Caserta, “They haven’t proved his case so there’s no reason for him to testify.”

“Adam Fox exercised his right to remain silent and that’s his right and he chose to do that,” Said Fox’s attorney, Chris Gibbons.

Now the case heads to closing arguments before the jury begins deliberation.

One more big win for the defense came as Judge Robert Jonker agreed to include the parameters for entrapment in his jury instruction Friday morning.

“It’s something that had to happen,” said Gibbons, “So now it’s time to take advantage of that opportunity tomorrow.”

This will be one final opportunity to win over the jury.

“We’re looking forward to making our arguments and finally getting a verdict,” said Blanchard

At one point in his testimony, Harris was asked his thoughts on Ty Garbin and Kaleb Franks, previously his two closest friends in the group. The pair were also the two who took plea deals and testified against the four men.

He simply called them liars.

Jury instruction begins at 8:30 AM Friday morning.