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Warrior Wednesday: Eliy Simmer

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“I see like clumps of hair coming out. I’m like oh no. A huge chunk of hair comes out in my hand and I start crying.”

One year ago— then,  14-year-old Eliy Simmer had no idea her life was going to change right before her eyes.

“This was my port. My port would sit in this area, directly under and that’s where they would poke the needle. The line goes from all the way over here, from my heart to my central line,” says Eliy.

One day when Eliy’s mom– Joy– picked her up from volleyball practice….

Joy says, “She was just in so much pain. When she first started having issues I thought, well she probably just pulled something. Even sleeping on it wrong.”

After months of visits to the specialist, chiropractor– and even a physical therapist– Eliy still wasn’t getting any better. That’s when she got an MRI.

“It looked like popcorn…He said that he had never seen anything like it,” says Joy.

After some tests and unanswered questions,
Joy received a call from the doctor…With an unanticipated result….

“She’s trying to go over like the next steps, it’s just kind of so overwhelming that you don’t, you’re not hearing everything. You’re trying to make sense of the situation,” says Joy.

At just 15, Eliy was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, cancerous tumor that weakens bones or the tissue around bones in the human body.

Eliy explains, “It’s really rare for it to be where mines at in my shoulder. My scapula. It just breaks down the bone if you don’t get it taken care of…During treatment like when I was going through chemo and stuff, I would feel the chemo going through my shoulder, and the cancer reacting to it. Like the whole side of my shoulder would hurt.”

Mike Simmer, Eliy’s father, tells us, “Your whole perspective switches. Things that were important to you before, don’t really matter.”

“It’s like a bad dream that kinda replays over in your head in segments,” says Joy.

Eliy’s story reached a California based non-profit campaign called ‘.’ The organization makes sure that any child battling a severe illness never feels alone, fulfilling dreams to give families something to look forward to.

Eliy says, “I just don’t wanna be known as the girl who has cancer and all when I go back to school. I want them to be like, oh yeah that girl beat cancer.”

Eliy’s dream is to visit California– to see the ocean.

She says, “When I go to California, I’m going to a beach-live festival that Concerts for Cancer helped get us tickets to go to. Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Weezer, Smashing Pumpkins, 3-11, Lord Heron.”

Eliy is staying as positive as she can.

“Powering through, getting through the bad, like finding the good in the bad…I’m still the same person,” says Eliy.

Ewings Sarcoma isn’t slowing her down…

“‘You look bad a** with this haircut.’ Thank you! Yeah, at first I wasn’t sure about being bald and all, but then over time I was just like, I rock a bald haircut. ‘You feel empowering?’ Yeah, I do.”

To donate to Eliy’s ‘One At A Time’ campaign and make her dream to California come true, .

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