Lt. Gov. Gilchrist Speaks Infrastructure Funding at White House

Despite just passing and signing the largest infrastructure investment in state history, the Whitmer administration is looking to get even more from the federal government.Gilchrist From Wh Vsv 3 30 2200 01 04 27still001

Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist met with infrastructure advisors at the White House to make Michigan’s case for more funding for roads, broadband and water. More money thrown at the projects may not make them happen any faster as only so many projects can be done at one time but Gilchrist says more money means projects can be done better the first time.

“Having the right amount of resources allowed us to do things the right way instead of just patching we are able to do true redesign, rebuild and reconstruction of roads,” said Gilchrist, “If they were just patched, they would last a couple years. We were able to ensure those roads will last 40, 50, 60 years.”

Whitmer had $3.5 billion more for roads and bridges in her budget proposal last month.