Government Rests Case on Day 13 of Whitmer Kidnapping Trial

After nearly 40 witnesses called, the government rested their case in the federal trial into the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

This comes on Day 13 of the trial against Brandon Caserta, Adam Fox, Barry Croft and Daniel Harris.

Late Tuesday night reports were uncovered that the FBI was looking into death threats made by a Detroit-area person specifically targeting US District Judge Robert Jonker and two of the defense attorneys in this case, Josh Blanchard and Chris Gibbons.Whitmer Trial Day 13 Vo 3 30 2200 00 24 17still001

Everyone seemed to shrug off the legitimacy of the threats but they were made at a crucial time in the trial, right as the government rested its case and turned it over to the defense.

The final witnesses called by the prosecution included explosives experts and Barry Croft’s longtime girlfriend. Chastity Knight confirmed his long time hatred for the government but would not agree that he ever told her he wanted to be violent against them.

Once the defense took over, it showed a major hurdle these attorneys will face, the willingness of witnesses to testify.

Several witnesses have pleaded the Fifth and chose to remain silent. These are people who took part in trainings, may have sat in meetings and fear incriminating themselves. That lead Jonker to recess the court to end an hour early.

With witnesses unwilling to speak, it is becoming more possible the defendants themselves take the stand.

None of the four defense teams were willing to commit either way Wednesday but Jonker pressed the defense saying they must make the decisions soon or risk him forcing them to rest their case, if more hang ups slow down proceedings.

If a defendant were willing to take the stand, Harris would be the first to go and go as early as Thursday.

If none do speak, this trial may be on to closing arguments by the end of the week.