New Northwest Wexford Emergency Authority Meets to Discuss First Steps

Four Townships in Wexford County are teaming up to better serve their communities. The newly formed Northwest Wexford Emergency Authority Board met today to take the first steps to combine fire and EMS services to townships in northwest Wexford County.

00131v07 27 14 25still002The Chairperson for the Northwest Wexford Emergency Authority, Tom Williams, says the main focus is to provide service to people in northwest Wexford County.

“We feel that with the Authority we service them a little bit better than what’s going on right now, because the rescue squads don’t have time to do this,” Williams says.

The Authority will serve Antioch, Hanover, Springville and Wexford Townships. The move to combine services comes after shortages in Buckley led to them ending their Emergency Medical Services.

In 2021 The department missed 22 percent of their EMS calls. A member of the Board, Scott Newfer says that will change and response times will be faster.

“Right now the response going to Buckley would be about eight minutes longer. So, we’re trying to cut that down to a reasonable amount of time so nobody dies,” Newfer states.

The Northwest Wexford Emergency Authority is still in the very early stages. During their meeting today they discussed creating an action plan and allocating funds for a website among other00131v07 26 11 27still001 things. Williams says they’ve got to put a lot of small things together before they get to the big important things.

“We have to figure out what the budget is, what the insurance is. In fact employees, memberships, several steps that we have to jump through. Then the state requires us several steps following their things to be an authority also,” Williams explains. “It’s very expensive to run something like this, but it won’t cost taxpayers anymore money than what they’re paying for right now. That is very encouraging.”

While the new Northwest Wexford Emergency Authority is still in the early process of setting up, they hope to start services this summer.

“What we’re hoping to do is just do it step-by-step until we get it running. Hopefully we can get running by July 1st. There’s a lot of steps we have to work through yet,” Williams says.