Lume Opens First Dispensary in Gaylord

Many areas across Michigan just became a lot greener.

More than $42.2 million is set to be distributed among 163 municipalities throughout the state, as part of the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act.

The breakdown includes 62 cities, 15 villages, 33 townships and 53 counties.

On Tuesday, cannabis dispensary chain Lume opened their first shop in Gaylord.

“For Lume, it means a lot to be in Gaylord, it means a lot to be places that we’re welcomed and we definitely feel that way here in the City of Gaylord,” says launch and compliance manager Nathaniel Adkins. “Another store, a little bit closer to the U.P., a little bit closer to the northern part of the state, but for the City of Gaylord we’re just hoping to be able to offer them the same experience that we’re able to offer from Houghton to Adrian in the state.”

The City of Gaylord didn’t receive the funding this year, but the money will help dispensaries all across Michigan, like Lume,  continue to practice selling safe, licensed products.

“I think it’s largely important for Lume, as well as all other dispensaries, just because it gives them a little more affirmation on being able to buy products and feel safe when they’re consuming them,” says Adkins.

The Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association adds that this is a large focus, especially since areas with more licenses collect more funding.

“They’re purchasing at high levels and numbers and the regulated market is working,” says Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association Chair Shelly Edgerton. “Customers are going into stores, purchasing, they’re being taxed and the MCMA is behind that safely tested, tracked, licensed and taxed marijuana.”

Gaylord believes having a new business like Lume is good for revenue and having another license in the city could help them become eligible for the funding next year.

“We expect it to have a pretty significant impact on our general fund,” says Gaylord City Manager Kim Awrey. “This year, they distributed about $56,000 per retail location, currently we have three that are open or near opening here in Gaylord, so anything we get open before the end of September will pay us for the next year.”

The funding could mean seeing even more dispensaries like Lume pop up across the state.

“These funds, whether they are tied to a particular facility, obviously are encouraging other municipalities to open up their doors to allow more licenses to have more of a regulated marketplace,” says Edgerton.

Revenue was collected from 374 licensees among the state’s municipalities.

The four counties that received the most funding were Washtenaw, Ingham, Bay and Mecosta counties.