Inside The Kitchen at 876 Baldwin

“Coming to Baldwin it’s a quiet gem, you’ve got the forest, you’ve got nature, you have the beauty of the river, the conservation that does go on here,” said Dina Velocci.  876

And now, you also have 876 Baldwin.

Dina and her husband opened the restaurant in October.

“For me it’s home, it tastes good and it’s flavorful, it’s got that great taste and it just savors my whole heritage, every Italian cell in my body just gets happy it’s like yay!” she said.

Executive chef and general manager, Glenn Forgie, says the customers’ favorite is the mussels.

8762He says when he sees this dish, he sees a big group of people with their elbows on the table, cracking them open together.

“That dish is really just about community, right, you have a great dish, great conversations,” said Dina.

“So that broth there you got the liquid off the mussels, you got the wine, the chorizo, the butter, it’s simple,” said Glenn.

876 Baldwin is elevated but approachable.

“You can come in in your waders because we are in fishing country, so we are trying to do this big city meets small city, so we are trying to bring Naples into a town like this,” said Glenn.

You’ll see a nod to the fishing culture in every corner.

“What would it look like if you went underneath the Pere Marquette, what would that look like,” Dina asked her designer as she was looking for decoration inspiration.

A look below water, for an above average experience.

“There’s so much goodness here, it’s a great gem, like wow, it’s a little surprise,” she said.

You can find 876 Baldwin at 876 Michigan Avenue, or call them at 231-791-5876.

For more information, click 876 1 here.

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