Lake City Teacher to Receive 2022 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award

Jen Nichols, a Lake City first grade teacher, is selected to receive the 2022 National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award.

This award is given to teachers in pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade from around the country for the innovative ways they use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing math, science, social studies, STEM, STEAM and more. It is awarded through the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture and Farm Credit each year.

Nichols has been selected to receive this reward because of lessons involving having students study life cycles while hatching chicks in an incubator, students learning about agriculture and the environment through field trips to maple sugar and Christmas tree farms and using virtual learning to adopt a calf from a neighboring farm.

“I try to find hands on things because I feel like the kids really latch on to something that they’re invested in a lot more than just sitting and reading a textbook,” Nichols said. “I look for ways to take the kids places or bring things into the classroom that would be really memorable for them. It gives them another outlet to learn and shows them that the area that we live in is full of all these opportunities.”

Nichols is one of seven teachers chosen to receive this year’s award.