J&S Hamburg Raising Money for Project Feed the Kids

J&S Hamburg is coming up on their second anniversary of Project Feed the Kids.

Right now, they are almost $500 away from their fundraising goal of $5,000, to be matched by Fox Grand Traverse.

Growing up, sometimes wondering where their own food was coming from, J&S Hamburg owners Jason and Tiffany McQueer started Project Feed the Kids to help make sure families never have to worry about food.

“We didn’t know that Project Feed the Kids was going to be this big, we just wanted to help as many kids as we could,” says J&S Hamburg Co-Owner Tiffany McQueer. “During the pandemic, the school was dropping off lunches and we wanted to help kids on the weekends, so we started packing meals and helping kids.”

In the past two years, they have provided kids with almost 85,000 meals.

They currently have food coolers in Traverse City, Kingsley and plan to expand out to Kalkaska.

These are open 24 hours a day, every day, so anyone can stop by and grab what they need.

“We started asking the community for help and everyone kind of just jumped aboard and started helping out,” says McQueer.

Even some of their regular customers are a part of the team now.

“I’d come in, hang out, have breakfast and then [the McQueers] started Project Feed the Kids and I was like, ‘how can I get involved?’” says Stocked owner Broc Crandall. “I actually run my own grocery, delivery service here in town and we kind of created a store for Project Feed the Kids, so people can go on our site and shop through the store and everything from that store will be donated here.”

You can visit Stocked here.

You can also donate to Project Feed the Kids on J&S Hamburg’s Facebook page.

The deadline to donate is Thursday.

Make sure to stop by J&S Hamburg on S. Airport Rd. Friday through Sunday, for special prizes at Project Feed the Kids’ anniversary party.