Fertilizer Prices Increase as Spring Moves In

The price of almost everything has gone up, but as we move toward gardening season, the price of fertilizer has gone up, too.

FertilizerMorgan Composting, who makes Dairy Doo products, says there’s multiple factors to the increase in price—with the main factor being the rise in gas prices.

Not only does the rise in gas prices make shipping costs higher, a lot of the fertilizer ingredients use oil- based products to make them.

“A lot of our fertilizers come from overseas, so you have increased freight costs there, as well,” said Morgan Composting Agronomist, or Soil Scientist, Theo Medendorp. “On top of that, for things like nitrogen fertilizers, a lot of them take quite a bit of energy to produce, and because that energy comes from oil-based products, the prices of that goes up.”

Medendorp said their rise in fertilizer prices do come from gas prices, but not in the way you think.

“Most of ours come from demand. There’s just been an increased demand for alternative fertilizers and that’s going to continue,” he said. “People see the price of everything else going up, and they’re looking for other options, so and thankfully we’re here to help with that.”

Medendorp said it’s better to get your supplies earlier in the season rather than later, as prices are expected to continue increasing.