Antrim County Maple Farm Celebrates Michigan Maple Weekend

From tapping trees to bottling it up, maple syrup season is the sweetest time of the year for many farmers in Michigan.

Maple Weekend is the highlight of the month.

Local spots like Out of the Woods Farm in Antrim County, have even created a name for themselves for one reason: maple syrup.

Sitting on 40 acres, they have plenty of trees to tap into each year.

“Usually, we’re around 2,000, we’re a little light this year, we did a logging operation to open up the woods a little bit the last year,” says Out of the Woods Co-Owner Joe Woods.

People from all over come by to learn how maple syrup is made from start to finish.

“We really enjoy the social aspect of having people come out, we get to talk to people and meet people from every area, we have people from all over the united states, all over the state,” says Out of the Woods Co-Owner Bobbie Woods.

They make a variety of products from maple syrup, first by boiling the sap to remove the water and concentrating the sugar.

“We do Maple Weekend because we want people to know where their food comes from and how much work it takes to provide them with the food that they eat,” says Woods.

Maple cream, sugar, candy and maple cherry syrup are just a few of the original, sweet treats that draw people to the farm.

“Probably the most favorite thing here, other than the tours and taking them around, showing them how things are done, is the maple cotton candy,” says Woods.