A Look Into The Jurors For The Governor Kidnapping Plot Trial

The trial for the four men involved in the plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer, is on hold this weekend, but we have a look into some of the jurors and how they ended up on the case.

As a security precaution, U.S. District Judge Robert Jonker in Grand Rapids allowed only attorneys to see jurors’ names and their written questionnaires. But jurors discussed their backgrounds during the public portion of jury selection.

We know 10 jurors are women and six are men.

When it comes to their knowledge of the case, they all said they had hear something about it, but those who said they don’t obsessively follow the news, were more likely to make the jury.

One juror described herself as a news junkie, but added she typically just reads the headlines.

When it comes to politics, jurors were picked if they didn’t have strong political opinions or strong feelings about Governor Whitmer.

Several members of the pool were dismissed after saying they disliked  Governor Whitmer.

So was one woman who described herself as a fan of the governor.

A man who said he didn’t “trust the government” was also let go.

Jurors were also asked about their opinions on guns, because evidence for the trial includes photos of the defendants with legally owned guns.

And when asked who of the potential jurors owned guns, nearly all raised their hands.