Local Veterans Asking For Community Help In Fixing 75-Year-Old’s Driveway And House

After losing her husband, who was a veteran, a 75-year-old Houghton Lake woman is getting the help deserves. It’s all because of other local veterans, who decided to come together to make a difference.

“It’s somebody in the community, it’s a veterans spouse, there’s so many of us that need help,” said Tim Kotulak, Founder of the Roscommon Chapter of “Got Your Six Veteran Community Organization.”

Kotulak is also a veteran. He moved to Houghton Lake after dealing with PTSD.

“It all hit me at once, and I was really bad,” he said. “I wasn’t playing with my kids, I was bed-bound, you know? Just lost in my head.”

After living in Northern Michigan for a while, he decided to create the organization.

“I wanted to start this organization because I am selfish, keeping myself busy in my head and helping others saves my life, and gets me to the next day,” he said.

Most recently, Kotulak and his Vice President, Robb Thompson began their first mission together: to help 75-year-old, Maggie Blair.

“It just gives me so much hope,” Blair said. “To be able to get on with my life.”

Her driveway is covered in water and mud, making it difficult to take out the trash or catch the bus. She’s also on a walker and oxygen.

The organization is looking for volunteers to come and help paint, clean up the yard, and give Blair a new driveway.

“Knowing that there’s people in the community, that would even care, that’s a big deal,” said Melissa Sullivan, a volunteer for the organization. “I think we should all be applauding it. Even if we can’t help, as a monitory donation, or some kind of service; just go and lift a shovel for a minute, because that helps too.”

In the last few years, Maggie has dealt with the loss of her husband, underwent many surgeries, and has dealt with financial struggles.

“Her electric bill, which is $5,00, she had a shut off for the 29th, and the woman is on oxygen, you know? That just can’t happen,” said Kotulak.

Blair said she’s overjoyed and has come to love these men in such short time.

If you’d like to volunteer and help, you can message their Facebook page, ‘Got Your Six Veteran Community – Roscommon Chapter.”