Burritts Sees Increase in Fish Sales During Lent

Friday during the Lenten season means many Catholics refrain from eating red meat and instead turn to seafood. Local markets like Burritts have seen an increase in customers buying fish.

Burritts 2The Owner and GM of Burritts Fresh Market, Jake Kaberle says Lent is always a big season for them. He says they’re keeping themselves prepared.

“We get fish delivery six days a week and often two to three times a day, so there’s always a wide variety,” Kaberle says.

Burritts Fresh Market in Traverse City sells fresh food like fruits and vegetables, as well as meats and fish. They are seeing more customers this year during Lent than they have in years past. Kaberle says that although this week has been slow due to spring break, they expect sales to finish above expectations.

“It’s typically our busiest day in our fish department here at Burritts, but during the Lenten season it really picks up a bit,” Kaberle states.

Burritts has all the fresh fish a Catholic could need during the Lenten season and they have options people can take home and put in the oven.

FishFriday, Burritts featured a smoked salmon macaroni and cheese with dill Havarti cheese.

“It’s something easy to take and bake in the oven,” Kaberle says.

They get shipments of fish from Boston Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Shipments from Chicago Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as well as from Grand Rapids six days a week. Kaberle says there’s always a nice, plentiful variety and those celebrating the season appreciate that.

“They appreciate having all of these fresh options at their finger tips,” Kaberle claims.