Pickford Schools Celebrate 100 Years and Plans for the Future

A school district in the eastern U.P. opened up their doors this evening to celebrate 100 years in their community.

The Pickford Public Schools in Chippewa County held their panther legacy project to showcase not only the past but the future too.

Residents, students and alumni took this opportunity to walk through the building as it stands, one last time, before the renovations and construction begins.

Class pictures from 1922 up to the current class of 2022 were all posted. Along with previous construction projects. There was also information about what the future campus looks like.

“I think the fact that we are growing and more people are coming, they want to live here and be part of the district and we have to provide space for them. And we have to provide the programming and the things our students need in order to compete in the 21st century,” said Angela Nettleton, the District Superintendent of Pickford Public Schools.

Construction is expected to start after spring break, which would be in about two weeks.