House Democrats Call for Internal Investigation Into Chatfield

House Democrats in Lansing officially called for an internal investigation into former Speaker of the House Lee Chatfield Thursday.

In January, allegations of sexual assault against Chatfield also raised questions of spending while Chatfield was in office.Chatfield Resolution Vsv 3 24 2200 01 02 04still001

With Chatfield out of office, and an internal investigation holding no criminal power, the result of the investigation wouldn’t result in consequence to Chatfield. Supporters say it can help increase oversight across the entire legislature.

Previously, current Speaker Jason Wentworth has not allowed such an investigation to begin, saying they don’t want to interfere with a criminal investigation.

“Anybody who works in an employment setting there are policies and procedures of that company and then there are laws,” said Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit, “When they intersect that’s when the business steps back. But that doesn’t stop them from making their own investigations into any allegations. So that’s a bit disingenuous when they say they don’t want to interfere because we have no evidence of interference or cooperation.”

The resolution has been introduced and referred to the Government Operations Committee.