First Presbyterian Church in Cadillac Be the I in Kind Campaign

The First Presbyterian Church in Cadillac is celebrating 150 years by passing along kindness.

It’s called, be the I in-kind campaign.

For 150 days members of the church are encouraged to pay it forward by doing an act of kindness and passing along a card about the campaign.

They hope it spreads beyond their congregation and into the community.

They also ask for people to snap a picture of their act of kindness to fill up the “i” in their banner.

“My favorite is we had a five-year-old member who found out her friend was diagnosed with cancer. So after two years of growing her hair out because of COVID-19, she decided to cut her hair and donate it to a wig for her friend,” said Mike Horlocker, Pastor at First Presbyterian Church

The 150 days of be the I in-kind campaign ends mid-September.