Detroit-Based Security Company Helps Woman Escape Ukraine

A 22-year-old Ukrainian woman is now safe in Poland, and it’s all thanks to her host parents and The North Group, a Detroit-based security group.

It’s now been 30 days since Russia invaded Ukraine and millions of people have evacuated the country.

“On that day, life just stopped as it had always been. Now, it’s about survival,” said Jennifer Page, a host parent from Oklahoma.

After overcoming a number of dangerous challenges while evacuating, Svitlana Kovernyuk is now living in Poland, with a pastor and his wife.

“I thank God that everything right now is good… it’s very scary,” she said. “A lot of people dying, children dying.”

She spent her summers in the U.S. with her host parents in 2014 and 2015.

“It was about 10 o’clock that night, that it had happened, my instant thought was just Svitlana,” said Page. “Is she safe? How? What do we do?”

It was because of her host parents and The North Group, that she was able to escape her village in Ukraine, about ten hours from the capital Kyiv.

“This is not in parent playbook at all, you know, how you help your child get out of a war zone when you’re not there to guide them, physically,” said Page.

They worked for weeks to bring Svitlana to safety.

“It was work on this, cry, maybe sleep a little,” said Page. “Now, at least she’s in a safe place. I hated that it’s just completely interrupted life for everyone. Just the tragedy.”

Svitlana said she eventually plans on moving to Canada, to start her life and stay with her host parents family.

“It just changed our life, all Ukrainian children, people. It will be never like before,” she added.

If you’d like to help Svitlana, you can donate to her GoFundMe here.

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