Whitmer Kidnapping Conspirator Testifies In Federal Court

One of the men who planned to kidnap and kill Governor Gretchen Whitmer took the stand in court Wednesday.

Ty Garbin was originally one of the six men facing federal charges for the plot in October 2020.

Garbin was charged alongside Daniel Harris, Brandon Caserta, Barry Croft, Adam Fox and Kaleb Franks.Whitmer Trial Day 8 Vsv 3 23 2200 00 10 24still001

He has since taken a plea deal in exchange for his testimony in this trial and currently serving six years in prison.

The defense has focused on FBI undercovers and informants as the true spearheads of the plot. If that was true, that’s entrapment and the government can’t do that. With former conspirator Garbin on the stand, he shot many holes in that argument.

“I don’t think so, I think we had a good day today,” said Chris Gibbons, Fox’s attorney.

Garbin had his day in court and he said he is guilty. He is guilty of planning to kidnap and kill the governor. From the witness stand, he said the four defendants also knew exactly what they wanted and what they were doing.

“I don’t think he was winning hearts and minds on our side of the fence,” said Gibbons, “I don’t know if Adam Fox was winning his heart and mind in the summer of 2020 either.”

Garbin was in on many of the planning meetings, all of the encrypted chats and even hosted training sessions on his property in Luther. Despite several FBI actors playing roles, he repeatedly said he acted under his own choice and doesn’t know of any of the other defendants who were coerced.

The jury also got their first physical evidence of the trial, Garbin’s upgraded guns and military style protection. At one point directly saying, ”That rifle was set up to be used in the kidnapping plot.”

“We got to hear some of the things Mr. Garbin had to say,” said Gibbons, “I think the jury has to weigh the credibility of that testimony.”

Garbin also testified to another crime he was looking to commit. He said he, Franks and Harris were building ghost guns to sell to a felon friend of Franks for extra money. He said the group was comfortable with committing the crime because they had already gone so far in the plot, committing another crime didn’t matter.

Franks, who also took a plea deal in the case, is set to testify Thursday.

Before the day began, the defense pushed for a motion to compel another federal informant to testify. Steve Robeson was a militia leader from Wisconsin that met with the defendants several times throughout the summer and spoke many times about the plot, while being an informant. Robeson has already said he would plead the fifth. A decision on that motion is expected early next week.