MSP Comments on Michigan’s Growing Meth Problem

Northern Michigan is experiencing a large amount of drug arrests lately.

Several people were arrested for the possession of methamphetamine in the past week, including a woman on Tuesday in Gaylord.

Michigan State Police say meth use has also increased significantly in recent years.

From 2018 to 2020, meth arrests saw a 139% increase in Northern Michigan.

Troopers say this is due to the lower prices of drugs like meth and heroin in the northern states now, then compared to the south.

“It’s availability and the price—it’s cheap now, so you’re seeing more and more people going to that as their drug of choice just because of the price issue,” says Lt. Derrick Carroll.

Michigan State Police encourage users who don’t know where to go, to visit their offices for immediate help and resources without judgement.

“You can walk into any Michigan State Police post, talk to them and get treatment for drug addiction,” says Lt. Carroll.