Traverse City Commissioners Receive Legal Opinion on Grandview Parkway Project

New questions have popped up regarding the future of the Michigan Department of Transportation’s plan to revamp the Grandview Parkway in Traverse City.

Traverse City commissioners now have an outside legal opinion and the city believes their agreement with MDOT requires that the city ‘sign off’ on the project.

The legal opinion refers to a 1947 agreement, that both the city and MDOT have to give approval on plans before construction can start.

MDOT’s plans for the highway include improvements along US-31 and at the M-22 intersection.

The city attorney says with such a large scale project, every detail of the plan has to be carefully taken into account.

“I think the city staff is going to continue to work with MDOT staff and try to incorporate those elements that the community is looking for in the project and collaborate with MDOT on those and hopefully we can come to a conclusion that everyone can be satisfied with,” Traverse City Attorney Lauren Trible-Laucht.

Meanwhile, MDOT says so far, there are no plans to alter the timeline for the project.

“We intend to continue to work cooperatively with the city, stakeholders, and the community to develop a project design we can move forward with together. As we’ve said all along, we need city approval on several aspects–agreements on detour routes, the city’s underground utility portion of the project, and temporary impacts to city property during construction–before we can move forward with this project,” said Spokesman James Lake.