New Plans Ahead for Interlochen Community School Following Dispute Settlement

On Tuesday, the Interlochen Center for the Arts and Traverse City Public Schools reached an agreement on what the future looks like for Interlochen Community School.

TCAPS and Interlochen plan to work together to bring some new developments and services to the school.

This comes after TCAPS dismissed their appeal to court of an August 27th ruling—stating that ownership of the Interlochen Community School goes back to Interlochen.

Their new resolution views Interlochen as the owner of the school, but with both sides working on new ideas for growth.

“Relating to some of the great ideas with daycare, not only for our faculty and staff, but for the whole community as well, we’re looking at after-school programs and we’re looking at a day camp there this summer for Interlochen,” said Patrick Kessel, Interlochen Vice President of Finance and Operations. “We’re also looking to have sports teams and clubs use the facility in the evenings, we think that’s going to be a great asset.”

Other ideas under consideration include joint-programs with the Interlochen Public Library and classes through the Interlochen College of Creative Arts.