Blowing Up the Creativity with ‘Artsy Party Balloons’

“You want to make something new that hasn’t been done before you have to sort of think outside of the box and not follow like an instruction manual.” Balloon
And that’s exactly what Robin Phinizy is doing. 
“I think a lot of people spend a lot of their time trying to just work and work and they’re sort of missing out on a really big aspect of humanity really I mean we are creative creatures,” says Phinizy.
By day, she’s an Avionics Technician for the Coast Guard.
“I work on the aircraft that we have stationed here.”
But when the pandemic hit in 2020,
Like many of us, Phinizy wanted to find a hobby– getting creative and thinking outside of the box with….balloons!
“What kind of hobby would be great for my niece and nephew? Because they live in Washington state and I wasn’t sure when I get to see them again. So I thought oh, balloons, they’re the perfect age for balloons they’re gonna get like so much fun out of it.”
Balloon 2 
So she bought some balloons and started practicing.
She says, “I had a coworker, she was on vacation for a couple of weeks, so I started to just bring them into work and fill up her office every day with the stuff that I made and by the time she got back she her office was totally full and she loved it and her kids loved it. And a lot of people at work saw, and they started to ask me if I could make balloons for their kids birthdays.”
Phinizy had no idea that this hobby, would blow up like it has…
“Shortly after that, I started getting requests from outside of work, from people in town.”
Her passion for balloon art has really grown,
She started an Instagram page to show off the work she’s created so far. 

Phinizy says, “I really like making the numbers, and you can really stylize them to be unique for anyone. The most complicated thing I’ve made so far is the dragon and I’d love to make another one of those…And I would love to do bigger builds and I think a lot of the stuff I see, it takes like a team of people try and work with a team of other balloon people.”

And remember– this is her hobby after all….  Balloon 3

“I do go to school and I do have a job. The more advance notice you can give me the better like two weeks is doable, four weeks is definitely that that’ll probably get in.”

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