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Parents Arrested for Child Abuse, Involuntary Manslaughter in Cheboygan County

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Two parents have been arrested for child abuse and involuntary manslaughter following the death of their three-month-old child, according to the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Department.

“On Monday, march 14, about 8:30 in the morning, we had a 911 call go out to a residence in Forest Township of a baby not breathing, a three-month-old,” said Cheboygan County Undersheriff Tim Cook.

Undersheriff Cook said the child was taken to a local hospital, but was pronounced dead.

An autopsy was performed, and the investigation lead to the arrest of the parents, Justin Bond, 22, and Deana Bond, 21, of Onaway on Friday.

According to Undersheriff Cook, it is alleged that sometime in the days prior while the baby was in the care of the parents, the child suffered serious physical harm, which lead to the child’s death.

It is also alleged that the parents did not provide the necessary medical treatment to the baby after it was injured.

“All around it’s just a sad situation,” said Undersheriff Cook. “We have a three-month-old baby that died of a physical injury that really did not need to happen.”

Justin and Deana Bond were both charged with one count child abuse 2nd degree and one count each of involuntary manslaughter, which carry a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

Both have been arraigned and are lodged on a $75,000 bond. They are due back in court this week.