Lake City Man Arrested For Catalytic Converter Theft

Deboise Mug 0321

A 36-year-old Lake City man has been arrested after stealing catalytic converter from a car in December, according to Michigan State Police.

Troopers say on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021, a trooper from the MSP Cadillac Post was dispatched to a home on W. 16 Road in Mesick to investigate the theft of two catalytic converters.

They say a woman had left her car parked at a home, but when she returned and tried to start it, she noticed it was extremely loud.

Troopers say the owner of the home knew who stole the catalytic converter.

The homeowner said he had made an agreement with Bobby Deboise, 36, of Lake City to remove a catalytic converter from his car parked on the property that was no longer running.

Deboise was supposed to sell the converter and give the man half of the proceeds. However, there was no agreement to take any other converters and the man never received his money from Deboise.

A report was then turned over to to Wexford County Prosecutor’s Office, and an arrest warrant was issued Feb. 25.

On March 19, a resident on Blackman Road in Kingsley called 9-1-1 to report a suspicious man at her home asking for gasoline.

A trooper responded to the location and contacted the man as he walked down the road carrying a gas can. The man was identified as Bobby Deboise.

Deboise was placed under arrest and lodged in Wexford County Jail.

He was arraigned Monday on two counts larceny from a motor vehicle and habitual offender fourth offense notice.

Deboise is due back in court in early April.