Cadillac City Council Approves Odor Rules for Growing Marijuana

On Monday night Cadillac City Council held a public hearing on the smell of marijuana and how to control it within the city better.

City council members voted on an amendment to the city’s code on controlling marijuana odor.

“The city already has marijuana odors covered by code, but only for industrial type uses from growing operations or from retail shops and other commercial type uses,” said Marcus Peccia, City Manager, City of Cadillac.

It comes after the city received complaints of a marijuana smell in a mixed-use building. The bottom floor is for business and the top for residential.

“Those odors were perforating through the building because they weren’t doing anything to help mitigate those odors,” said Peccia. “When the police were called and informed about it, there was nothing that really we could do because there is nothing in our codes that gave us any options.”

The proposed rules allow for marijuana odor mitigation for growing and smoking.

“If I have an apartment and we both have a balcony, and I like to smoke cigars, and he smokes marijuana, and my cigar smoke offends him, and his marijuana smoke offends me, it seems pretty darn discriminatory to say that my smoking a cigar, which is legal or a cigarette is okay. But smoking the joint on the next balcony, which is also legal, isn’t okay,” said Stephen King, Councilmember, Cadillac City Council.

Council members voted to approve a marijuana odor ordinance for people growing marijuana but not smoking marijuana.

“What the code does is it actually will provide people with information as to how they could try to mitigate marijuana odors. They could use different types of sprays or filtration systems,” said Peccia.