Swingshift and the Stars Announce Final Year

SwingshiftAfter 15 years of raising money and awareness for local non-profits, Swingshift and the Stars is hanging up their dancing shoes.

Thursday, the founder of Swingshift, Judy Harrison, announced on their Facebook that they would be celebrating their 15th and final season this year.

“Quite frankly, I didn’t think it would go past one year,” Harrison admits.

Since 2008, Swingshift and the Stars has helped raise money with their dances and lip syncing events. They raised over $4.1 million for 122 local non-profits. Harrison says Swingshift has been a gift.

“The people we have met, the relationships that we have formed, the relationships that we have watched be formed has been life-changing for us. 15 years is a hard goodbye, but it’s time,” Harrison says.

Founders of two local non-profits, Love Thy Neighbor and Single MOMM, are grateful for Swingshift. They say without Swingshift’s support they would not have been able to grow the way they did. The Chief Operating Officer and Director of Love Thy Neighbor, Tony Nelson says their support meant the world.

“All of us non-profits work together. We don’t compete against each other, we help each other. And Swingshift was a big part of getting that going for all of us,” Nelson states. Swingshift 3

Love Thy Neighbor along with Single MOMM saw their donor base grow.

After working with Swingshift, Love Thy Neighbor says their donor base grew by 150 people. While Single MOMM has went from serving 72 families to 2,066 families.

The founder of Single MOMM, Jennifer Finnegan-Pool says they’re blessed to have gotten Swingshift’s support.

“They took an idea, a small idea and turned it into impacting not just the non-profits, but all of the people that they’ve served,” Finnegan-Pool says. “I mean, their hands have touched so many of our lives. To see them move into the future with new ideas and a fresh space, it’s going to be exciting to see what they do.”

Swingshift 4Swingshift and the Stars will kick off their final season in August when they announce the non-profits for their 15th and final year. They’ll have dance and lip syncing events through September and October until their grand finale in December.

While Swingshift has hinted that they aren’t done yet, Harrison was emotional reflecting on the past 15 years. She says she’s proud of her region and the people of northern Michigan’s generosity. Harrison says it was amazing to watch.

“It’s hard not to get emotional about my baby. Swingshift and the Stars is my baby, but I’m really excited about what’s next,” Harrison says.