Man Arrested in Mecosta County on Multiple Felony Charges

A man was arrested Thursday on multiple felony charges after resisting arrest and assaulting a deputy, according to the Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say they conducted a traffic stop on a man that was wanted by the 49th Circuit Court Probation/Parole Office at the Dollar General in Green Township.

They say a deputy contacted the probationer who was driving the car, and observed another man in the passenger seat.

At the time of the stop, there was also a back-up deputy responding to assist the initial officer.

Deputies say the back-up officer arrived on scene and was at the passenger side of the car as the primary deputy was speaking with the driver, advising him that he needed to step from the car as his agent wanted him in custody due to a violation of his felony probation.

The driver disregarded the order, put the car in reverse and attempted to flee from deputies, knocking one deputy to the ground and striking the patrol car.

The passenger tried to stop the driver. Deputies say the passenger yelled at the driver to stop, put the car in park and pulled out the keys, throwing them out of the car.  The driver then fled on foot toward Northland Drive.

The deputy who was struck was able to pursue the suspect.

Deputies say the man was blocked from running across Northland Drive by a responding/assisting detective who was with the suspect’s probation officer.

Ultimately, the detective, probation officer and deputy were able to apprehend the suspect. However, the man continued to resist arrest while being patted down and attempted to be secured in a patrol car.

He was then taken to the ground as he resisted arrest, and was put in a seated recovery position. The man then tried to grab an assisting officer’s weapon, but was restrained.

Deputies attempted to put the man in the patrol car again, but the man continued to resist deputies. They say he head-butted the rear window, broke out of that window and injured himself.

The man was then taken to a local hospital for treatment and clearance into the jail.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office says the deputy received minor injuries and did not require further medical attention.

Additionally, they say the patrol car that was struck was disabled and was not drivable.

The man has been lodged in Mecosta County Jail on multiple felony charges. His name and formal charges will be released upon arraignment in the 77th District Court.