Hospice of Michigan Hosts First Ever Dance Off for Donations

Hospice of Michigan got their dancing shoes out for a unique fundraiser in downtown Big Rapids.

Img 7816Staff from across the Hospice of Michigan locations dressed up in inflatable costumes and danced on the streets of downtown Big Rapids.

Each character had a dance routine, and people could vote on Facebook for their favorite dancer.

“It started out with a fun conversation on how to do a fundraiser, and it snowballed from there,” said Big Rapids Hospice of Michigan Advisor Cassandra Haner. “To bring in some light and fun into it for such a tough and important end of life journey, we love to do what we can.”

This was all for fundraising for programs like grief support, pediatric care, and volunteers.

“We’re a non profit, and all of the proceeds for this event entirely will go towards programs that we do not get funded for either through insurance or reimbursement,” said Haner. “It strictly go towards programs that help give back to our patients and caregivers.”

You can donate on Hospice of Michigan’s website.